Water Service Application

+ Who is authorized to sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)?

Only the applicant or the person (18 y/o above) authorized in the Special Power of Attorney (SPA) will be recognized to sign the MOA. Moreso, once the authorized person has affixed his/her signature it is assumed that he/she is fully aware of the responsibilities and has fully understood all the provisions of the MOA.

+ What can the applicant do to have his water service application approved by LARC?

The applicant can (1) agree to pay for the service line going to his/her house or (2) the applicant must pay all the pending arrears at LARC.

Water Meter

+ What are the types of meter damage?

Meter damages include broken meter, burn on meter, broken meter glass, disconnected lines immediately after/before the meter, stolen meter etc.

+ Who will pay once the meter is damaged?

The registered customer or the actual user (in case of tenants) shall pay for all the fees.

+ How can you protect your meter?

The customer can protect his/her meter by placing a metal meter cage provided that it does not in any way deter the meter from functioning properly and it can still be read by the meter reader.

Monthly Water Bill

+ What is the minimum water consumption that LARC bills its consumers?

If the consumption is 0-10 cubic meters, LARC automatically bills its concessionaires the minimum water consumption of 10 cubic meters.

+ How much is the penalty charge?

The penalty charge is 10% of total water bill

+ Where can you pay your water bill?

The water bill may be paid at LARC Offices or thru the accredited payment centers and banks listed below:

+ What are the limitations of paying in payment centers and accredited banks?

Payment centers accept cash payment only and accredited banks accept cash and check payments. Moreso, current water bill and water bill that is 15 days past its due date are accepted except at Plan Bank.

+ What if the customer did not receive his/her water bill?

The customer can call LARC Customer service at (049) 536-0331 / (02) 536-0127 / (02) 568-4271 / 0998-585-3723 or visit LARC Offices to get information about his/her water bill.

Water Service Reconnection

+ How much does the customer need to pay to have his/her line reconnected?

Before the service line can be reconnected, the customer must pay the following: (1) unpaid water bill, (2) latest water consumption from reading date to date of disconnection (3) reconnection fee, and (4) remaining balance in the installation fee, materials, and other fees if any.

Water Service Line Repair and Maintenance

+ Who will repair if there is a leak or damage in the meter?

If the damage/leak is from the tapping point up to the tail piece, the LARC maintenance team has the authority to repair and obtain materials for the said damage/leak. If the damage/leak is from the check valve up to the gate valve, the LARC maintenance team has the authority to repair, however, the materials needed for the repair will be shouldered by the customer. BUT if the damage/leak is AFTER the gate valve going inside the house, any private plumber authorized by the customer can repair the damage/leak.

+ What if the customer or another party repairs a meter leak/damage?

If another party or the customer repairs the damage/leak in a meter, a penalty of Php 2,240 will be paid by the customer to LARC.

+ Can a LARC contractor or personnel repair in-house leaks or leaks after the meter?

No. LARC does not encourage its employees to repair in-house leaks and leaks after the meter.

+ Who should be contacted in case of damaged meter?

For damaged meter, you may contact LARC Customer Care Service at (049) 536 0127 or 0331 from Monday to Friday; 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. You can also send a Facebook message at LARC's Official Facebook page - Laguna Water District Aquatech Resources Corporation-LARC.

+ How can one repair in-house plumbing if you are not allowed to adjust/alter the meter?

A concessionaire can close the gate valve to stop the supply of water in the line. In emergency cases, one can adjust the lockwing to achieve the same result. Thus, make sure that your gate valve is functioning through regular inspection or checking.

Installation of the Service Line Connection

+ What is a right-of-way?

A right-of-way is the legal right, established by usage or grant, to pass along a specific route through grounds or property belonging to another. In the case of LARC, a right-of-way is the legal right given by the local government to dig, excavate cement or road owned by the government to bury across the other side of the road a water line provided that the said water line will be restored.

+ Where can you secure a right-of-way?

One can obtain a right-of-way in the local government office or in the barangay office where his/her house/establishment is located.

+ What if the customer cannot obtain a right-of-way?

The right-of-way is one of the requirements before a concessionaire can pay the installation fee, if any of the requirements have not been complied with by the concessionaire, he/she cannot proceed with his new water permit application.

+ Can a customer refund if the water meter has not yet been installed?

Yes, the installation fee can be refunded.

Inspection of Water Service Line

+ Why does LARC need to inspect the house or establishment of a Customer?

First, LARC has the right to inspect where the water being supplied by LARC is being used by the Customer. Second, to ensure that the water is being used by only one household, unless the line was classified as commercial and third, to check where the Customer gets its water supply, if the water line of the house or establishment has long been cut-off.

+ What is the booster pump for?

A booster pump increases the pressure of the water in a household or an establishment. Installation of a booster pump without securing clearance/approval from LARC may affect the water supply in the nearby areas.


+ What if the lock or shackle lock is removed without authorization in case of disconnected service?

This is strictly prohibited since tampering, repair, or use or installing other devices without permission shall be sufficient cause for the disconnection of the water service.

+ What if the water is still being consumed from a disconnected line?

This can happen due to shackle lock malfunction. This should be reported immediately to the LARC office to avoid penalty charges and for LARC to do the necessary repair.

+ Can water line be installed before getting a visit from a LARC inspector?

It is not recommended for an applicant to install a water line without the inspector's permission or visit.

+ What if the installation fee or the installment payment is not paid on time?

A statement of account indicating the remaining balance will be received by the concessionaire and water supply may be disconnected if the amount is not settled on the due date.

+ What if the owner sells his/her house and lot?

The owner has two (2) options: (1) transfer the water meter to the buyer or (2) request for the transfer of the water meter to his new house, provided, that it is within LARC's service coverage and water main line is available.