Vision, mission
and values


To be recognized as a leader in the water industry in Region 4- providing excellent customer service, efficient operations while protecting the environment and ensuring water sustainability.


We provide a reliable supply of clean and affordable water through an environment-friendly manner and responsible stewardship of our resources. We are committed to ensure customer satisfaction, employee engagement, government compliance and shareholder growth.


Commitment and Reliability

We are here to prove our reliability by committing ourselves to our promises which are to provide clean water and 24/7 service.

Stewardship and Service

We care not only for our company, customers, employees, and shareholders but more importantly we care for the environment to ensure that there is enough water for all generations. 

Honesty and Dependability
Our main objective as a trusted partner is to deliver the promised result, thus we serve with utmost honesty and dependability to ensure our potential.
Teamwork and Integrity

We strive for excellence when attaining our goals by helping each other and constantly reminding each other to always do things the right way.  

We go above and beyond what is expected of us by putting more effort in everything that we do.
Responsive and Professional

Our tenacity to eagerly meet the needs of our customers, employees, and shareholders is based on our commitment to serve them in the best way possible.   

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