Network Operations and Maintenance Supervisor – New Service Connections

The Network Operations and Maintenance Supervisor is knowledgeable about principles and practices of water operations, planning and management, including use analysis and forecasting, manpower planning, unit cost analysis, manpower scheduling, budget forecasting.

Basic Requirements / Qualifications

  • Must be a Licensed Civil Engineer/ Mechanical Engineer or any relevant engineering field
  • Preferably with at least 2-year supervisory experience in the related field
  • Preferably with relevant technical knowledge about plumbing installation, water supply distribution and distribution system
  • With valid Philippine driver’s license is an advantage

Skills and Competency Requirements

  1. With professional attitude in dealing with time pressure and deadlines
  2. Strong organizational, multi-tasking, and time management skills
  3. Can perform other related tasks assigned at times
  4. Willing to learn concerning water production, water network operations and leak detection
  5. Must be willing to do field works within the scope of our service areas
    • Departmental Tasks
      1. Monitor of yearly NC targets
      2. Deals with our accredited contractors
      3. Knows how to project growth requests every year when it comes to expansion, he must know the cost, number of requests, number of manpower and budget.
      4. Perform water conservation consulting and GPS data collection services is an advantage
      5. Helps improve utilities infrastructure by enhancing operation efficiency and reliability during water system assessments
      6. Ability to read and interpret blueprints, maps and atlases
      7. Assist/Coordination with other departments (Engineering, Production and Network Hydraulics Division)
      8. Responsible for oversight of a technical team assigned for the installation of New Service Connection
      9. Supervise data field operations and monitor other related task (on call 24/7)
      10. Preparer accomplishment reports (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual, Annual) to the NOMD Associate Manager/Manager
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